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Sujet : Re : Re : vente d'un camion benne Mercedes1924 4x4   --   Auteur : Maik
Date : 27/10/2015, 04H32
Here's a list of tools you will need to start: Jewelers' wire cutters - If you can only aorffd one pair, get memory wire shears. These are designed to make clean cuts on tough memory wire, so can also be used for softer wires. Chain-nose pliers sometimes called needle-nose pliers Very versatile for picking up and grasping small items, bending eye pins, closing jumps rings, even closing crimp beads. Round-nose pliers Used for creating loops on beaded head and eye pins. Can also be used for winding your own jump rings and as the second pliers you' ll need for closing jump rings. Optional pliers Wire-looping pliers which have several graduated circumferences to allow you to form perfectly uniform jump rings and loops in place of the round-nose pliers mentioned above. Crimping pliers which have little notches to allow you to both flatten a crimp bead and then bend it to form a rounded finished look instead of the flat crimp you get using the chain-nose pliers. As for materials, I recommend some assortment packs of beads in coordinating colors, some decorative metal spacers, seed beads in both silver and gold These can serve as spacers and beautifully set off your other beads., tube-shaped crimp beads Buy the best you can find these are what hold it all together!, head and eye pins. Other than that, let your choice of project be your guide. You might want some silver or pewter charms.
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